Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a food professional?
We define food professionals as people working with-in the food industry. That includes but is not limited to: chefs, cooks, servers, management, writers, retailers, producers, urban farmers, foragers and the like. Farm Camp has been designed for this audience and it is our hope that campers will learn from, and develop relationships with each other. If you'd like to attend camp but don't fit into this group please contact us.

Who funds this program?
The program is funded by Flying Pigs Farm and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. In addition, our presenters, farm hosts, and Partners are contributing many hours of their valuable time.

What is the objective/ goal of the program?
The purpose of farm camp is to learn where good food starts. The issues facing modern agriculture are many and multifaceted. Farm Camp aims to give New York City food professional an onsite and intensive look at their regional food economy. It is our hope that this hands on experience will lead to long lasting partnerships between New York States urban and rural communities. That together we can create more great food and keep more of our food dollars in New York State.